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What Is Really the Big Deal About Obamacare?


President Obama’s health care reform is very controversial. Since inception it has been contested keenly by Republicans with a claim that the bill is unconstitutional. However, recently the Supreme Court passed a vote of confidence over the reforms and deemed the health care reorganization as lawful and constitutional. During the 2012 presidential debates, Romney coined the term “Obamacare” as reference to this healthcare revolution. President Obama did not discourage the use of the word and it has been around ever since.

So what is really the big deal about Obamacare? Why has it generated so much concern and kicked up so much controversy? Republicans think that Obamacare will increase taxes and force Americans to cancel their personal healthcare program for government options. Democrats believe that the healthcare reform of the Obama administration will provide insurance for those that cannot afford it as well as reduce health care deficits and costs in the long run.

Employers are advised to provide this special health cover for their employees. Staffers who do not use this option would face an 8% penalty deducted from their payroll. The health care reform of Obama entitles employers to the choice of insuring their employees or allowing these employers willingly pay for these insurance benefits from their own pocket. Both parties are not exactly happy with this development.

Obamacare is built on the current system of encouraging employer based health care insurance. Companies that do not insure their workers would be the worst hit by the implantation of this new health care reform. Small companies that are trying to survive the economy can obtain federal subsidies in their bid to help employees. These subsidies are a lifeline to lower income families who are struggling with healthcare. It will go a long way to provide succor for close to 50 million Americans who do not have coverage. Research shows that there are over 12 million children who are not insured.

The Congressional Budget is saddled with the daunting task of providing for Obamacare and the estimated cost has been pegged at over $1 trillion for the next decade. This does not include the billions of dollars that would be spent on research and diseases prevention programs. Under the government option of Obama care, people can negotiate rates with healthcare providers like Human Services and Departments of Health.

President Obama made it clear throughout his 2012 presidential campaign that there was not going back on Obamacare. However, he made it clear that if Americans were not confident in Obamacare, they could keep their original healthcare insurance plans.

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